There was more work in the city

I decided to start transporting to the neighborhood because there were a lot more work possibilities available.

I had a lot of trouble finding work in the commercial heating and A/C repair supplier when I tried to stay close to home.

Living out in the rural country is pretty wonderful when you own cattle, horses and pigs, however you are still pretty far from the city. I cannot have anything at all delivered – not pizza, Chinese food, or marijuana. I regularly had to drive 30 minutes to and from any type of work. When I had a bit of trouble finding work, I decided to look closer to the city. I knew finding work in the neighborhood in the heating and A/C repair industry would likely require me to move to the city, however I had to look and see if anything at all was available. I filled out a few applications online and I sent my resume to a commercial heating and A/C repair business. I got an interview with someone in the neighborhood and it happened to be a commercial heating and A/C business. I met with the owner of the company and he provided me with good work. I commuffled to the commercial heating and A/C supplier for the first few weeks, however then I found a small spot that I could rent in the neighborhood with another co-worker. The 2 of us decided to move. Some weeks I get over time and I save some money for emergencies. I regularly have a little bit of money left over from every paycheck. I’m making much more than 12 grand more each year than I was before.

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