We have had some really high heating and cooling bills recently

Our heating and cooling bills have been so high recently that I have had to take some drastic measures.

I have never really been one of those people who is super paranoid about other people touching the thermostat in my house or anything like that, because my dad used to be that way whenever I was growing up. I used to think that it was crazy how he used to yell at me and my brothers and sisters about touching the thermostat. It got to the point where we were all afraid to even go near the thermostat at our house whenever we were growing up. I didn’t really want to do that to my own kids once I grew up and became an adult. I wanted them to feel like they were comfortable in their own home. Well, now that I am having to deal with the heating and cooling bills at my own house that I have to pay for myself, I can now understand why it was that my dad used to get so annoyed at us when we were growing up. It’s always really hot around here during the summer and the thermostat has now become a bit of a battle ground around our house. I am so sick and tired of fighting with my kids about the temperature settings on the thermostat! The air conditioning bills have been through the roof over the past two months and I have had it. Since the kids won’t stop changing the temperature settings when I tell them to, I have decided to lock the thermostat and put a digital code on it instead!

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