Why are people mean to HVAC specialists?

For some reason, people are rude to HVAC specialists.

  • Why? I would love to know.

I can’t figure it out, but perhaps people don’t like HVAC specialists because these folks are the bearers of bad news, when your Heating and Air Conditioning unit stops working. I bet that your heart stops for a moment just like mine does, and none of us want a broken HVAC unit because a broken HVAC means paying a lot of money to get it repaired! However, regardless, people still have to call the specialist because most people don’t know how to repair an HVAC unit. When the specialist comes to your house, they inspect your unit and then give you the bad news. You already knew you were going to have to pay to get your unit fixed, but heating this isn’t pleasant. However, when the HVAC specialist lays down the facts, the truth sinks in. It isn’t the HVAC specialist’s fault that the unit doesn’t work, but we associate the bad news of a broken unit with the specialist. This isn’t healthy; HVAC contractors don’t deserve to be disliked for telling the truth.We should be a little kinder to HVAC specialists.


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