A very patient HVAC technician

They had gone over the same issue countless times.

Avril still felt the urge to cross-check every detail, even after going to the HVAC supplier office and talking to an HVAC professional.

Indoor comfort was vital for Avril since she worked from home. After hours of research and a consultation with an HVAC technician who was more than happy to answer all her questions, Avril decided to have a dual fuel system installed. She already had a gas boiler in place, so the heating contractor would find a way to connect it to a ductless HVAC. When it was too cold, the system would stop using the heat pump and switch to the heating device that was using gas. I had suggested that they use an electric furnace instead but later learned that the aim was to have two alternative fuel systems. After the installation, the a/c care routine would entail furnace/heater tune-up, preferably twice a year, since a heat pump service should occur more often than the others. Changing the filters should be done more regularly, like every three months. Avril had the option to have the exact homeowner solutions do it for her or opt for another. On the installation day, the heating contractor did an impeccable job and was very fast. It was the first time Avril witnessed the installation of a quality system. When the heating business told her that it was a day’s work, she was skeptical and thought it would take two or more days. You could see the excitement on her face when she walked into the house for the first time after they finished the installation.


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