He didn’t sleep enough because the AC was faulty

Jack is feeling lazy and taking a nap with his cat on the small bed in his office while his other cat sleeps in the adjacent office. Jack named the sibling cat Z because he was unsure what other name was suitable. He is feeling tired this afternoon because he didn’t sleep enough last night due to his heat pump not easily working well. Jack shouldn’t need it much longer though because September is almost over and October is usually nice and chilly. This is fantastic news because Jack doesn’t have money until the Heating & A/C corporation pays him next week. He doesn’t mind using his savings when it comes to spending money so it should be easy until payday. Jack must get the Heating & A/C expert out here to look at his Heating & A/C plan next month and do maintenance on it. He also wants him (or her) to inspect his heating system and make sure it is easily working properly because it will be getting frigid pretty soon. November can be so frigid and the furnace will come in handy on those frigid mornings. Jake wakes up in the morning to a house that is under 60F as he doesn’t usually run the heat when he sleeps. Jack does need it during the morning because his house doesn’t get much sunshine and can be absolutely cold. He likes the shifting seasons though because it feels fantastic to see different weather in his home area.

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