My first on a YouTube channel discussing heating devices

My younger sister loves attention and likes being in the spotlight. In high school, she was into sports and was also an environmental activist. She loved gymnastics the most. She was only two classes behind me, and the easiest way to find me in school was not by my actual name but as Courtney’s brother. Years later, she was still the high-spirited girl who now worked for an environmental conservation organization. She has a youtube channel where she talks about everything and features different people, mostly her friends. Last week she asked me if I would join her to talk about heating equipment which was my specialty. I did not want to, but I knew there was no way she would take no for an answer. The heating device inspired her to have the HVAC technician install it in her house. I had suggested that she get a dual fuel system, but she said the ductless HVAC was safer for the environment. Courtney almost changed her mind when I told her about the a/c care her preferred equipment entailed, including a heat pump service twice a year. She even went ahead to ask why our parents only contacted the HVAC supplier once a year for a furnace/heater tune-up, and only if there was a need for repairs did they call a heating contractor in the middle. I clarified and told her they had an electric furnace different from what Courtney had. I told Courtney that she had no choice but to contact the heating business twice a year for maintenance if she wanted to have quality heating and maintain great indoor comfort. We eventually did the YouTube video and discussed reasons to contact homeowner solutions and when to reach out to an HVAC professional.

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