She couldn’t think of a better name for them

Tish was feeling sleepy and took a nap with her dog on a sofa in her office while dog B slept in the other room.

She named the sibling dog B because Tish couldn’t get a good name for her.

She was feeling tired that day as she didn’t sleep enough the previous evening because her cooling unit had failed. Tish shouldn’t need it much longer though because the month is almost over and October is usually quite cool. This is good news because Tish is a bit low on money till her Heating and Air Conditioning business pays her next week. Tish doesn’t mind being frugal when it comes to spending money so it should be a breeze till she gets paid again. She needs to get the HVAC professional out here to look at her air conditioner next month and service it. Tish also wants him (or her) to take a look at her gas furnace and make sure the gas furnace is working respectfully because it will be getting chilly pretty soon. November can be genuinely chilly and the gas furnace will come in handy on those chilly evenings. Some days Tish wakes up in the morning to a flat that is under 60F as she doesn’t usually run the heat when I sleep. She does need it during the morning because her flat doesn’t get much sun and can be genuinely cold. Tish prefers the increasing seasons though because it feels good to believe weird weather outside now and then.



a/c worker