She had a long hot summer

Fall is here as the temps plummet down into the comfortable zone again.

Linda had a long tepid summer time and now she finally gets some reprieve as fall comes in to usher nice comfy temps for a month or several.

It was nice riding her bike this morning without perspiring profusely. She still had her cooling system on last evening as the temp at evening isn’t dropping low enough to warrant no cooling unit. Linda prefers it under 55F outside in the evening for her to be able to shut off the cooling unit. She has several cats and she is still unsure about leaving the balcony sliding glass doors open in the evening for them to escape. Linda knows she could just run the Heating, Ventilation, & A/C plan in the evening with the fan only to circulate the air in the house once it gets cooler. She guessed the cats wouldn’t try jumping down off of the balcony but Linda just didn’t know them well enough yet to leave them open. The local business near her sells screens for sliding glass doors so maybe she should just buy a couple and then Linda can leave them open all evening for some cool air. The window in her study room has a big sound proof foam piece over it so it wouldn’t help with cooling me down if Linda opened her window in the evening. She is sure the answer would be the screens, unless the cats claw their way through it like what happened to her Heating, Ventilation, & A/C specialist friend. Then again, if they are that unhappy living with her then maybe she should let them leave! Haha, Linda guessed they would stay though.

Air conditioning system