The biggest con ever pulled by an HVAC professional

I checked with the bank and found that he had cashed the check

Mark was the best fiance a lady could desire. He was once an HVAC technician for a local HVAC supplier. Mark loved his job but dreamed of bigger things. He always told me how he wanted to start his own heating business. Being the love-struck partner, I told him I would help finance his homeowner solutions company. Mark took care of my furnace/heater tune-up. We did not live together, but he always ensured I had quality heating. There was a time when Mark told me to upgrade to a dual-fuel system to increase indoor comfort, and since Mark was a certified heating contractor, I left it to him. All I did was write a check for the new heating device, and he took care of the rest. I remember during that time, I was away for business for four days when he installed the new heating equipment. A week after my business trip was his birthday, and I wrote him a check for a large sum of money to invest in his new venture. My HVAC professional was over the moon, and it made me glad that I could help him in such a manner. On a Friday, a month after his birthday, I tried to reach him to no avail. It went on for four days until I had to look for him. Mark’s neighbor found me on his porch, which is when all hell broke loose. Mark had moved to a different place without informing me. That day I could barely see the tears after everything his neighbor told me. I checked with the bank and found that he had cashed the check. A year later, just when the pain began to fade, I found out during the heat pump service that I didn’t have a hybrid system. It was still the same old electric furnace.



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