The window in my home office has a large sound proof foam

It’s quite evident that fall is here as the temps fall into the comfortable zone again. I had such a long sizzling summer season and now I am enjoying getting some reprieve as fall comes to bring nice comfy temps for several weeks. It was nice going for a walk earlier and not getting covered in sweat. I still had my air conditioner on last evening as the temp at evening isn’t dropping low enough to warrant it being off. I enjoy it under 55F outside in the evening for me to shut off our AC. I have two cats and I’m still unsure about leaving the balcony sliding glass doors open in the evening for them to escape. I guess I could just run the Heating, Ventilation & A/C plan in the evening with the fan only to distribute the air in my home once it gets cooler. My cats wouldn’t try jumping down off of the balcony, however, I just don’t know them well enough yet to leave them open. The local company near me stocks screens for sliding glass doors so maybe I should just buy two and then I can leave them open all evening for some cool air. The window in my family room has a massive sound proof foam piece over it so there is no way this would help with cooling me down if I opened our window in the evening. I guess the solution would be the screens, unless the cats claw their way through it enjoy what happened to my Heating, Ventilation & A/C tech friend. Then again, if they are that unhappy living with me then maybe I should let them escape. Haha, no I don’t want that to happen.

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