There are 3 different types of furnaces

Changing seasons have always fascinated me. At the moment, we are experiencing fall. I must admit this has been the best ever time for me given how hot it was during summer. At one time we had a heat wave that lasted a whole two weeks and it was so severe. But, now with fall here, the temperatures have dropped and the leaves are changing. It feels so good to be able to walk outside and not feel the scorching summer heat on my skin. Fall is a good time to prepare our home for winter. This is a lesson I learned from my dad many years ago. He and mom would always go through the essential winter appliances to ensure they were functioning properly. Dad was always keen on checking the furnace system to ascertain it could work all winter. Yesterday, I had an HVAC expert come to our house for the same reason. He was there to do a routine maintenance check on our gas furnace that we had installed last year. Before that, we relied on a heat pump that was getting too old to function properly. Our HVAC expert had suggested we consider a furnace for better heating in the house. He taught us about the three main types of furnace system available. These include the oil, gas, and electric furnace. All three heating systems are great, but they also have their cons worth noting. We chose to work with the gas furnace since it seemed like the most reliable. Plus, we are lucky that the cost of gas isn’t too high in our area. So far, we’ve only used the gas furnace for one winter, and it performed perfectly.

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