They think they may run the Heating and AC system at night

There are clear signs of fall like the temps dropping into the comfortable zone again.

Carla and Drew had a long hot summer time and now they finally get some reprieve as fall comes in with its relaxing temps for two months.

They felt lovely riding their bikes this morning and not perspiring profusely. Carla and Drew still had their air conditioning system on last night as the temp at night isn’t dropping low enough to turn the cooling system off. They enjoy it under 50F outside at night for them to shut off their AC. Carla and Drew have a cat and they’re still unsure about leaving the balcony sliding glass doors open at night for them to escape. They suppose they could just run the Heating and Air Conditioning system at night with the fan only to distribute the air in the home once it gets cooler. Carla and Mark believe the cats wouldn’t try going down off of the balcony, but they haven’t had them long enough yet to leave them open. The area business sells screens for sliding glass doors so maybe Carla and Drew should just buy two and they can leave them open all night for some cool air. The window in their bedroom has a sizable soundproof foam piece over it so it absolutely wouldn’t help with cooling them down if they opened their window at night. Carla and Drew believe the answer would be the screens, unless the cats claw their way through it similar to what happened to their Heating and Air Conditioning tech friend. Then again, if they are that unhappy living with them then maybe Carla and Drew should let them leave! Haha, they feel confident that wouldn’t happen.

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