We are taking a nap with our cats in the office

We just got a case of the lazos and we’re taking a nap with our animal A on our daybed in our office while animal B sleeps in the dining room. We named the sister animal B because we couldn’t think of a great name for her. We’re feeling tired today as we didn’t sleep enough last night due to our air conditioner not working well. We shouldn’t need it much longer though because September is coming to an end in a couple of nights and October is usually quite cool. This is great news because we’re a bit low on money till our Heating & Air Conditioning corporation pays us next week. We don’t mind being frugal when it comes to spending money so it should be a breeze till we get paid again. We need to get the Heating & Air Conditioning specialist out here to look at our Heating & Air Conditioning method next week and service it. We also want him (or her) to take a look at our heating system and make sure the oil furnace is working officially because it will be getting cold pretty soon. November can be cold and the furnace will come in handy on those cold nights. There are times we wake up in the day to a flat that is under 60F as we don’t usually run the heat when we sleep. We need it through the day because our flat doesn’t get much sun and can be cold. We love the changing seasons though because it feels great to watch the weather outside now and then.


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