A Joyful Thursday From all the way on the Other Side of the Planet

How I ended up living out of the states was due to my pursuit of comedy and it has shown me a lot about life in doing so.

But life is about living and having new experiences, and moving over here has filled both of those categories quite well.

The only setback is I don’t get to see my family that much anymore and some of them have been passing away while I’ve been here. I am going to book a flight this week and get back for the winter season holidays for some more experiences in life. My heating and A/C rep dad isn’t going to be there when I go back this time for my visit though, so it is going to be a bittersweet reunion with my hometown. I will get a rental automobile with a fantastic a/c unit, because the weather back home is going to be on the warmer side. Another option is to just Uber around everywhere, but that could get pretty pricey the way that I bounce around the neighborhood every day. I may do some heating and cooling component repairs when I go back to work for my local supplier buddy and then it won’t matter if I rent an automobile or not. I just want to be with my family when Christmas comes because if not I am going to be happy sitting in this huge flat alone on Christmas day. I have a fantastic heating and A/C unit here to keep me warm, but that doesn’t do anything to warm my heart. That is my mom and family’s work!


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