Able to use my heater

My allotment for heating in my flat is down to 20 minutes a afternoon in the days after my cold swim; Last year I would run the heat all afternoon plus not worry about it, however now I have to be actually frugal when it comes to the heat in my flat.

I guess the power companies are working on lowering the rates so people don’t freeze all winter, however it actually makes me afraid to turn on my smart control component anymore.

The whole world is in a bit of turmoil compared to how it normally is plus we are all in this together trying to make it through, i will have some fun in a few weeks when I go home plus see all of my family plus friends plus I can put this currency thing on the back burner. My stepmom owes me a couple thoUnited Statesnd bucks for some Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C system repair work I did on her beach house last Summer so I guess I could hit her up for that. She is going to wonder though why I am asking for more currency when she just gave us kids $100K each from dad’s will. I’ll just tell her I invested in a local corporation plus the stock took a immense nosedive plus I can’t take any out right now or I will get killed. I guess we all have our own concerns because the more I talk with other people the more I hear about all of their strange worries. I’ll just keep doing the Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C component work plus hope for the best.


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