Being an HVAC technician isn’t for everyone.

I thought anyone could be an HVAC technician, but I was wrong. It takes a very special person to be an HVAC technician. As much as I love my husband, he could have never been an HVAC technician. He didn’t have the patience to work with people, and he couldn’t handle the job. I met him when we were in HVAC school. I thought he had some of the best potential to become an HVAC technician. He was excellent at diagnostics and nimble enough to get into tight spaces. The only real thing he lacked was patience. When he had to talk to customers, he got flustered when they couldn’t give him an accurate report of what they were experiencing. I was an instructor in the HVAC school, and I didn’t even see his faults. Once we started dating, I knew he wouldn’t be a good HVAC technician, but I did know he knew the job inside and out. I knew we could use him in other capacities than putting him in the field. We talked about him taking on an assistant instructor position. We could work together and turn out some excellent HVAC technicians. The only thing I didn’t want him to work with was when we talked about dealing with customers. I was sure his attitude would be off putting and we would end up losing some potentially excellent HVAC technicians. My husband and I have made a really good team in our personal lives and in our work life. When it comes time to do an emergency HVAC call, I take the job, and he sits home with our kids.



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