Drinking coffee to wake up

I’m enjoying the fact knowing I don’t have to fly this day as I stand here and drink our coffee in peace.

I think how frantic it feels to fly and how nice it is knowing I am not flying this day yet. I have 2 weeks to gear up for this trip and I am going to try to fly in a zen mindset the whole time. I will get a fantastic playlist of quiet fantastic tunes and get to bed really early the night before so I am all rested up for the trip. The Heating and Air Conditioning method on the plane can be a bit crazy cold, so I am going to wear some Winter time gear on the plane so that I stay warm. I will particularly need the Winter time clothing for our hometown too because I think it will be pretty freezing when I land on February 17th. I hope our aunt, who I will be staying with while there, has some fantastic space oil gas furnaces for the place because I think she doesn’t have central heat or air in her house. It won’t be as freezing as here though, so even if she doesn’t have the devices I will particularly be wonderful in her home for the more than two weeks I’ll be back. She was trying to charge us family members last time we visited so nobody stayed with her, haha nice. If I use a lot of heating while there I will kick her some money of course. But if there are no electric oil gas furnaces in her home after that we may need to buy 1.


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