Going to Write one more

I’ve been a bit stressed about money the past few weeks and have not been feeling all that great.

I just need to weather the storm and money will flow in again for me and it will all be good.

It seems to kind of come, and go, in waves. I’ll get a bunch of money and then lose it, however then a few weeks later I’ll get another stream of income from someplace. I feel money is energy and energy flows into and out of your life all of the time. This local company near me is hiring Heating and Air Conditioning workers area time and I am going to apply there next week. I won’t be able to start till next month though because I am going on holiday for 3 weeks back to the states. I just need to actually watch my money while I am there so I don’t end up having to labor while I am visiting everyone. I’ve been working in the Heating and Air Conditioning industry a long time and when the local contractor talks with me they will see that I guess what I am talking about when it comes to Heating and Air Conditioning repair and service. I just need to get a haircut because I look love a total surfer right now and they absolutely want someone more disinfect cut. I’ll just get my Heating and Air Conditioning rep buddy to cut my hair as she is also a hair stylist on the side. She is actually good at cutting hair and knows the kind of style I like, so I’ll visit her and get the locks chopped off.

furnace/heater repair