I can’t believe I am back there

I entirely can’t believe that I am living at our parents’ lake house once again.

To top it all off, I have had to transfer into the basement! My parents decided to turn our room into their up-to-date lake house office whenever I moved out last year.

I cannot entirely say that I blame them, because they were entirely trying to make a lake house office for weeks prior to the time that I moved out. I was glad that they were up to the challenge of creating a up-to-date workspace because they entirely needed it. They have stuff everywhere for their lake house company plus they entirely wanted to consolidate everything into 1 place. I was genuinely not planning on having to transfer back here after just a year, however everything seems to conspire against me plus now I am back. The bad thing about it is that I do not have somewhere to live upstairs plus so now I have to live down in the basement, and unluckyly for me, our parents never had an Heating & Air Conditioning plan installed in the basement so there is no ventilation HVAC duct or anything down here. If I am going to have to stay down here for any length of time, I am going to have to pay for any Heating & Air Conditioning plan in the basement, however running up-to-date ventilation ducts down here is going to cost a fortune, so I am looking into purchasing something called a ductless mini chop heating plus cooling plan for the space instead. According to the local Heating & Air Conditioning company that I talked to, a ductless mini chop heating plus cooling plan is the way to go when you are looking to heat plus cool a small area care about our basement.


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