I Freaked out When I Heard our Old Furnace was Being Recalled.

I was listening to the news last week and they were talking about gas furnace recalls.

As of then, our gas furnace had no glitches and we had it for about 13 years.

I couldn’t believe there was anything wrong with it that would mandate a recall. Two minutes later, I got a phone call from the heating and A/C company. She told me there was a recall on all heating systems from this one company, and we happen to have one of them. There was a component inside that had a manufacturer defect. Not all of them were doing it, however that component was cracking from stress and it could put carbon monoxide into the air. They had already ordered me a new gas furnace and would come to the condo and install it as soon as they delivered it. There was no charge for the replacement or the gas furnace, and they would return the old gas furnace to the manufacturer. When my fiance got home, I told him about the recall and he didn’t seem to be upset and asked if they knew how long it would take for the gas furnace to be delivered. I said they didn’t know, however they were coming tomorrow to look at the component and make sure there were no stress cracks. He asked if I had packed for us and I looked at him oddly, then he said we were going to a hotel until the current gas furnace was installed. He didn’t want his lady and youngsters dying from carbon monoxide poisoning. The youngsters thought we were going on getaway, so we did and took them to a hotel that had a water park inside.

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