I get to write about the heating and cooling industry

It seems almost as if this heating as well as A/C industry writing task will go on forever. Each day I wake up and repeat the same kind of writing stuff I did the day before. I wonder how long this game of trying to grab clients’ attention is going to last. I don’t get bothered by the work, although it can be a bit monotonous, however it is a fantastic steady income that seems to have no end. It’s a lot better than my outdated task where I was a local business painting houses. I would run into all kinds of problems with the paint tasks for clients. One time all of us got overspray all over their brand new a/c compressor outside their house. They weren’t really ecstatic about it, however all of us did manage to get most of the paint off of the surface when it was all said and done. I tried to tell them that their outside heating as well as A/C component had the latest in paint tasks and for no extra charge! They didn’t really buy that at all. I’ve been painting the inside of my beach condo and they had their central furnace running and all of the paint spray went into the air handler and messed up not only the HEPA filter but a whole host of other things. So now I am ecstatic to be finally working on a laptop from my beach condo instead of climbing ladders and hauling materials around for my new business company. I’m not sure how long the heating and cooling businesses will need these articles however hopefully for 15 more years when I call it quits with this finally working stuff.



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