I Remember Asking for this Climate While we Were in Summer

When summer time was moderate and the temperatures were in the nineties, I remember praying for the cold and snow.

  • I had enough of summer, and I was ready for winter.

The air conditioning device couldn’t keep up with the heat and humidity and it was so hot in our house, so cold and snow sounded like a welcome reprieve. It is the middle of November and it has been as cold as mid-December for most of it. We all had almost three or so feet of snow on the ground, from the two feet of snow we had more than one day earlier. I was looking outside and thinking about how wonderful the wintertime wonderland was, and then I remembered it wasn’t winter yet. We still had at least a few more months of wintertime weather to get through. I wondered if someone wasn’t listening when I prayed for this weather, and took me literally. My gas furnace had been cleaned and taken care of, although I wasn’t ready for winter. I would have enjoyed this weather for Christmas and we would have pulled out our big sled and hitched the horse to it. The youngsters, my fiance and I would wrap up in blankets and turn on the area heating systems to keep our feet warm. All snuggled in the sled, we would ride across the fields to visit our mom and grandparents. This was one of the greatest joys of living in the country. The area heating systems kept us fairly warm and we all sang on the way. I was hoping for that at Christmas, but not before Thanksgiving. I turned up the control device and sighed, wintertime was legitimately early this year and it was because of me.


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