I said that I knew how to change air filters.

When a Heating and A/C worker named Tim arrived to do my heating system repair last month, he asked if I wanted Tim to change the air filter.

I thought decreasing the air filter was normally a section of the repair and cleaning procedure.

When Tim said he could add air filter changes to my repair agreement; my first inquiry was how much extra would that cost me? Tim told myself and others it was a minimal amount, however it would save myself and others from needing to do it. I’m not sure what Tim was thinking, although I felt insulted. I had been working with the air filters in the Heating and A/C plan since I was about fourteen. I had no brothers, and it was just my mama and I. If she wasn’t apartment and the air filter needed to be changed, I was selected. One or the other of us had to do the job. I told Tim I could change my air filters, although I loved the offer. Tim told myself and others that if I changed my mind, I should call the Heating and A/C company and he would ecstatically come to the home and change it for me. Now, I was thinking he was flirting, although I couldn’t be sure. When Tim said he would not want myself and others hurting myself while decreasing the air filter, I bristled. I told Tim I was perfectly capable, however thanks for the offer, and showed Tim to the door. I wanted to tell him he didn’t need to return, and I would be okay with a new Heating and A/C worker, although I didn’t want to make him an enemy. It’s just that if I ever saw Tim again, it would be too soon.


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