I wanted to become a certified HVAC technician

I hated working numerous hours a week, however I hated the work I was doing, and I hated that I was there.

I wanted to run away from this work and join an actual heating and A/C business… Then when I was a kid, I was typically telling my mom I was going to run away and join the circus, however I’m older now.

When I took this job, I wanted to go to university for heating and A/C, however I didn’t have the currency. I graduated from high university, became a father and then I became a hubby. I had to be responsible. I took this job right after I turned eighteen. I had to support a partner and a child. I left work and went to my dad’s. I told him how I was feeling and he asked if I could afford to go to university. I could not afford to quit one work and go to university, however I could go to university part-time, if my partner didn’t mind; he then asked if it would be any easier if every one of us didn’t need to pay rent. I told him I wasn’t asking for currency, but he said he was asking for business. He would babysit my child so my partner could go to work, and I could go to university. He could pay the household bills, and all every one of us had to pay for groceries. I talked to my partner, and she wasn’t receptive at first, although she soon changed her mind, then she said she could get a work in the local beauty salon, even if she had to sweep floors, if it meant I could go to the other heating and A/C university and be an actual heating and A/C professional.

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