It all Comes Down to Finding What you Love to Do and Doing It

Some people think money is the key to their happiness, but in the end they discover that it was all a chase after something that was just a facade of happiness.

  • You may think that winning the lottery would put an end to all of your sadness and problems.

But it can actually open the door to a lot more and bigger problems and just complicate your life to the point where you don’t feel free anymore. Money can buy you nice fancy HVAC systems and even a heating corp, but it all ends up being more work for you. Money is good for buying food and paying for a place to live, but other than that it just complicates your life with more things to take care of and worry about. If I won the lottery I may buy myself a new smart thermostat, as I still have the old dial one, but other than that there is nothing I really want. I just want to do what I love to do until I can no longer do it. I would rather buy a local business and turn it into an entertainment venue that offers music and comedy shows every night of the week. I love playing music and would use the money to further my musical career so that I can keep doing what I love. I would probably keep working for the HVAC supplier in my town just to keep busy and feel productive, but the rest of the time would be spent playing music and singing in the band.

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