Just Heated up My Toes Working on the Hot Water Heater Tank

The two of us had a small leak in the pipes leading to the sizzling water tank the other day and I finally got around to fixing it this morning.

It was cold out and the tank sits out on the back balcony, so I had to toil in the cold to get the job done.

The superb part was the pipes were entirely sizzling and kept my hands pretty sizzling while I fixed the leak. It was a pretty easy job as the pipes are exposed quite well and I had everything I needed to fix the leak. It took myself and others about an hour and a half to finish the job since I am pretty superb at this stuff being an Heating plus A/C tech and all, however now I am back in action with the sizzling showers and all is well again. I am leaving in several weeks to head to the states for the holidays and I am barely going to have enough money to afford this trip. I just need to get some toil for the Heating plus A/C corporation back loft so that I can cover my rental costs for the car I am getting. I suppose I will need a car for just a month so it should be that much money, that is if the local corporation which rents cars cheaply is still in business. The new contractor I toil with back loft told myself and others they were still open a couple of months ago so I should be renting from them. I just need to get an Uber there when I land at the airport.

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