Just Want to Turn on my Space Heater and Sleep for the Day

I guess our bodies use a lot of energy to keep warm and cool in harsh weather because I feel really tired in this cold flat.

The same thing happens in the winter when it is really hot outside, I just want to sit in the air conditioned flat and relax.

The weather is not always perfect though, so this is something that we have to learn to live with. It makes it tough to work when your hands are numb and your brain is moving slower than normal. The only light at the end of this cold dark tunnel is that I’ll be going home soon and heating up again in my warm hometown climate. I want to see my mom and sit in front of her fireplace and watch the flames dance, even though we really don’t need it with the warmer weather they have there. I just like watching the fire and smelling mom’s food cooking on the stove. My mom has a nice HVAC system, and they use it a lot, but the weather will be mild when I go home and we will just use the fireplace for some ambiance. I think we will have a few family parties while I am back, so it looks like I will get to see the whole family on this trip. My uncle is an HVAC salesman and usually gives everyone a HEPA filter for a Christmas present. And one time he bought us all a five year service plan for the HVAC systems in our homes, which was a really nice gift.

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