My First Musical Performance at an Open Mic

I’ve only been playing drums and singing for a short time, however tonight I am bringing it on phase to show the world.

I don’t guess how good or bad I sound despite the fact that I want to get the ball rolling with these mics and tonight is a good night to start.

I just need to find out which local supplier the mic is at and what time it starts. It should be a fun night and as long as they have some good central heating, or a few space heaters, I guess we will be fine. It is really getting cold out now and if you don’t have any heat in your locale you are feeling the sting of the cold air. The people I was with and I are going to record our set tonight and hopefully get some good songs out of it for promo. I have some heating and cooling technology writing to do first, so I need to really focus on the task at hand and get this all done within the next three hours or less. I am pretty fast at typing, can’t you tell? It’s not my typing speed that slows myself and others down, however it is more the cold air in the flat because I refuse to run my central Heating plus A/C method heat because it just costs way too much. I don’t prefer to throw all of my strenuous received currency out the window with the heat running too much in this locale. Now I ration the heating and cooling and use it sparingly when I really need it. Today I need it!