Our Son Painted his Bedroom one Sunny Afternoon

For his birthday, our sibling bought a painting set for our seven old kid.

I don’t know what gets into the mind of a child, however mine can get truly creative.

Last year he was making a playhouse out of mud, and he buried his doll’s feet in the mud so they wouldn’t tip over and started playing. I was scared to think what he would do with a painting set. When I came home from work the next day, I couldn’t hear our kid. My sibling, who babysits for me, was laying on the sofa enjoying television and studying a book. I asked him where Marty was and he said he was up in his room napping, but he heard him get up about ten minutes ago. I went upstairs and screamed for our sibling as my son was on a chair painting his bedroom with the painting set. She had painted the air vent cover many colors and he was now working on the control unit, which was pink and purple. He even painted the dial on the control unit and I couldn’t see the temperature. Since our sibling bought him the painting set, I told him it was up to him to scrub the air vent and the control unit. He wasn’t happy, although I didn’t care. Buying a painting set for a young kid, and then leaving them unsupervised with it in reach was stupid. Since the heat was on, the paint was not too easy to get off the air vent cover, and I was slowly getting it off the control unit. My son was laying on the bed and complaining that we ruined his room.


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