People think I’m just a homemaker.

I don ‘t physically go into the Heating and A/C company to do any work these days. My partner Al is the director of the Heating and A/C company and he runs most of it from the office. I own the Heating and A/C company, and did when I met Al. He came on as an Heating and A/C worker a few years after I took over the Heating and A/C company from my father. Al was good with being an Heating and A/C worker and the director of the other workers, and I loved Al wanting to stay behind the lines. I also loved being an Heating and A/C worker, however when my father sold me the company, I couldn’t refuse. I hoped that someday I could have a kid who wanted to be an Heating and A/C worker. At that time, I would gladly give the Heating and A/C company over to him, and he could run it. Now that I stay at the apartment more because my wish for a kid came true, people have forgotten that I am the current owner of the Heating and A/C company; Last week, I made an appearance and headed back into the office. The secretary stopped myself and others when I walked in the door and asked if I was here to see the owner. I laughed and told her I was the owner and wanted to talk to my partner Al. I could see her face turn red when I told her who I was. It was time for myself and others to come to the office more often now that our kid was in school, and maybe I would get back into doing some Heating and A/C work again. I was getting bored sitting in the apartment all the time, and I missed working.


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