Santa refused to install a up-to-date gas furnace.

Last Christmas Eve, Santa was so stressed getting ready for her yearly run she forgot to have the gas furnace ran tests on.

  • When Mrs; Claus told him the heat was out in the elves’ apartments, she said she didn’t have time to have it fixed, and she told him she could not have it fixed, however they needed to have a up-to-date gas furnace installed.

I had never heard Santa as uncharitable as she was right then, but she told her there was no time to have a up-to-date gas furnace installed, and it would need to wait until the day after Christmas. She told her to find some room in the main house, and the elves could stay there until a up-to-date gas furnace could be installed. Although the substantial house was enormous, there were more elves than Mrs. Claus could find room for. Some of the younger elves got some space gas furnaces from the toy room, and took them out to the stables. It was there they found them on Christmas Day. The elves were huddled next to the reindeer, enjoying the heat coming off their bodies. The blankets the deer wore when flying were wrapped around the elves and the reindeer. Between the body heat, blankets, and space heaters, there wasn’t an elf that wasn’t warm; except for those in the main house. When the gas furnace in the elves quarters died, the gas furnace in the main house was toiling so hard, it also went out, and Mrs. Claus was not a ecstatic camper. She moved in with the elves and laid down with the reindeer and left Santa to shiver alone in their bed.


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