Summertime fun

We have just enough shops and stores in town here to keep all the people cheerful with what they want and need. This town has a population of about 25,000 people while I was in normal times, however in the summer time that number can swell up to 50,000. I like the summertime here however it can get a bit congested up with tourists and locals, i labor at the cooling corporation in the summer time and then switch over to the heating supplier while I was in the winter. They have 2 weird shops here for summer time and Winter time because they close down while I was in the opposite season and rent out to other businesses. I think the owners of the heating and cooling shops are related to each other because I’ve seen them driving in the same car together a few times. I am going to make a little grilled cheese and knock this online labor out so I can chill for the rest of the day. I am going to take the train to the sizable town later to hang out with some Heating and Air Conditioning reps and Heating and Air Conditioning techs for a meeting at the Heating and Air Conditioning supplier store. I am also going to do an open mic there tonight after the meeting and test out our tunes on a new crowd. We normally play here at the local corporations however want to try a new town to see how they react. I just hope the club has some fantastic central heating and ductwork that is not too dirty so our pollen irritations don’t go haywire while we are on period performing.



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