Time to Clean the Old Heating and A/C System for the Coming Season

It’s that time of year again, time to clean the gas furnace filter and the other stuff with my heating and A/C unit so that I stay hot and toasty this winter season.

I bet we will get some mornings soon below zero as this day was about 48F and it seems like the temps are degrading suddenly.

This flat is pretty well insulated and the climate control unit is fairly up-to-date and has a pretty high SEER rating, so I guess I will be fantastic this winter season when we get down to those low temps soon. This week is the 20th of November and I will be going back to the States on the 20th of December, and I will be in the south where the weather will be quite warm. I plan on seeing my heating supplier friend when I go back to see if he needs some help with his cooling and heating corporation. I’ve been working with him for numerous years and he has just fully entered into the heating and A/C field, which is where most of my experience lies. My dad was in the business too and I worked with him when I was 11 years old and acquired a lot of experience over the years from working with him. I started my own local corporation back in the day doing cooling technology repairs and I ran it for 12 years before deciding to close the doors to pursue work in the performing arts industry. There is nothing quite like showbiz to instill some life back into your heart and soul, and ’m so delighted I got on stage back on October 24th 2005!

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