What’s wrong with being a house husband?

Most people don’t understand the reverse roles that are going on today.

More husbands are staying home and taking care of the house and family, while the wives have careers.

My husband and I have reverse roles in our home. I own the local HVAC company. If I need help in the office, he is there, but he is the money handler of the business. He took business management in college, when I was in HVAC technical school. We met while in high school, and we had a difficult time at first. He thought he should be the professional in the family, and I was supposed to be the stay-at-home mom, but that quickly changed. Once I got my job at the HVAC company and had our first child, we realized I made more money than he did. We worked together to turn my HVAC career into an HVAC company ownership, and we have never looked back. It was a learning experience every step of the way. Our kids are really well behaved and they know they are loved. They don’t miss anything having a mommy who works long hours and a daddy that stays home. When it’s mother’s day at school, he goes in with home-baked cookies and I go in for career day. Some of the mothers think I am a bad mother, but not my husband. Our roles as mom and dad are where they should be, but I am the HVAC technician and he is the brains behind the HVAC company. Our home life works well for us, and we are all well adjusted.

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