Who Told you That I Was Some Kind of Heating and A/C Expert?

I was talking to a young guy the other day and he wanted to know if I fixed heating systems and air conditioning units.

I told him I could, although I seldom took on a job unless they called the condo and made an appointment.

She asked for our supplier card, although I had none, as I freelanced as a heating and A/C maintenance person and never said I was an heating and A/C specialist. She said she knew someone who told her that I was a heating and A/C specialist, and I wanted to know who told her that, although I didn’t want to sound aggressive. I had heard this before, and then she provided me a name and it was one I knew well. I called our sibling when I got home and asked him why he was telling people I was a heating and A/C specialist. She chuckled and only said that I was. I was in another lifetime, although I gave it up many years ago, as I only worked on heating and A/C systems for our family. I had differences with one of our coworkers and I was the one who was in trouble. They told me I was a troublemaker and I had to go, so I left that day. I miss working in a heating and A/C company, however this was something I couldn’t help. I couldn’t change that I was a guy, although I could change where I worked. Unluckily, our boss told all the local heating and A/C company owners that I was trouble, because he took the word of a male heating and A/C specialist over me. He said I was flirting and taking all the simpler maintenance jobs by promising I would go out with the men, although I never went through with the promises. I was engaged and didn’t need that kind of gossip and hatred following me around.


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