Yesterday was Christmas

The two of us didn’t have the traditional turkey and stuffing lunch however more of an Indian type lunch with rice and lentils.

The normal American Thanksgiving lunch just involves so much toil that I opted for an easier version for the holiday meal.

It was still entirely superb and the many of us had a fun little time. After eating, my friend and I took our sound program and played some songs in the street. It was fun however the batteries died after about 30 hours, so our jam session was split a bit short last night, however the local corporation where the people I was with and I were playing had a bunch of people who were listening however soon dispersed after our sound died. I suppose tonight the people I was with and I may play again in this club with entirely superb heating. This is a superb thing because it is entirely getting cold out and it is hard to drum when your hands are frosty cold. I guess the people I was with and I could bring a small portable gas heating component with us while the people I was with and I play however that is just a lot of stuff to lug around. I may invest in some superb wool gloves and see how well the drum sounds playing with them on my hands. I’m sitting in my comfy temperature controlled flat right now and enjoying a little bit of heating as it is entirely cold out today. I guess my volleyball season on the beach is all however finished till next Spring rolls around. Now I just need to focus on my Heating plus A/C systems and Heating plus A/C equipment writing jobs and hunker down for the winter.

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