Adding space and ductless heat pump to family home

Now that the up-to-date master suite is complete, I just wish my superb friend and I had done this all much sooner.

But when it was clear that my superb friend and I had too many youngsters and not enough dining rooms inside the central air conditioning system of our home, my superb friend and I were going to move.

After years of commitment to my business and endless hours inside the commercial heating and air conditioning of the office, I was making a superb residence. My spouse was also doing entirely well in her career so getting a bigger house was on our radar. My pal and I have twin women who were once able to share a room. But as they entered their tween years, sharing a room was clearly not going to continue. They just fought all the time. So my superb friend and I started looking to buy a bigger house and that was sort of a slap in the face. The up-to-date real estate market made it virtually impossible for us to buy. So the only thing left to do was add on. I’m also genuinely blissful that my superb friend and I got to be the beneficiaries of the up-to-date space. The women flipped a coin for our seasoned room and my superb friend and I got a master suite with our own bath. Not only that but our whole up-to-date space also came with a ductless heat pump. I know I thought that the heating and air conditioning professionals could just extend the existing ductwork. But the central heating and air conditioning equipment was rated to the original air volume of our house and would be overwhelmed by adding the up-to-date space. Again, that all worked out wonderful because my superb friend and I enjoy having our own thermostat. And the ductless heat pump provides just the best quality heating and air.


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