Author: Christina

Ready for the heating and cooling upgrade

So waiting almost another 3 weeks before they are going to be able to come out plus having it installed feels like an eternity; until then, I am stuck using my seasoned a/c in my seasoned a/c is not genuinely fun to use. It’s only been one afternoon plus I am already too weary of […]

The air conditioner was so incredibly cool

Have you ever walked into some site plus just thought that the a/c was perfect? It might seem a bit like a silly question because I am sure all the people don’t even think of the a/c when they walk into a building. I know I don’t. However sometimes you just can’t help to notice […]

The first a/c was the absolute best

The first a/c that I got was the best one, and this was surprising because after shopping around for AC systems for a while I thought that I had planned out what a/c that I was going to get, and I thought I knew what I wanted but it turned out I was wrong. But […]

I needed to update the a/c air filter

I can’t believe that I waited so long to update the air filter. I had absolutely needed to update the air filter for the past month plus it seems like no matter how strenuous I had tried to get it done, it’s like I was never getting around to it; Finally I also set a […]

Replacing the old and clogged air filter

How often should you update your air filters? As a heating plus a/c worker this is a question I get fairly frequently. Well I would say there is a general amount of time that you should change your air filters, I would say that it depends on the situation as well. I would say that […]