heating and air conditioning improves indoor air pollen levels

Normally, I’m getting worried about right now, and where I live, the end of December is genuinely the start of Spring, but it’s mid December now and there is already a dusting of pollen on my truck each morning.

  • So it won’t be long before the grass and tree pollens simply run amok as well.

That also means the heat pump, which has been virtually silent all winter, will soon snap back into life, however air conditioning will be a need within a week! None of this is why I’m usually worried this time of year. What makes me so edgy about Spring is the fact that I get crushed by seasonal allergies… But this year, my superb friend and I have an up-to-date addition to our heating and air conditioning equipment meant to improve our indoor air pollen levels. Then my pal and I obtained a whole house whole-house air purifier that works from inside the heating and air conditioning unit. This whole-house air purifier is really odd because it uses high intensity UV light to destroy airborne contaminants. And I’m not talking about some of them. This sort of whole-house air purifier gets rid of all the stuff that is harmful to our respiratory system. And for me, that means I’ll have a pollen sanctuary inside my house this Spring. I can hardly know it and am gleeful that at least while I’m inside the central air conditioning system of my house, it’s just a no pollen zone. Additionally, the whole house whole-house air purifier provides the best indoor air pollen levels for my family. That’s a giant and great thing when it comes to respiratory health and strengthening our immune response. On top of that, our house smells so fresh and clean thanks to this whole-house air purifier.


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