Work so much better with commercial HVAC upgrade

For the last few years, I have gotten to work and literally had to psyche myself in the parking lot just go inside.

That’s not at all how I felt about my job when I started.

Back then, there was dynamic leadership that made us all feel like a team. Last year, two employees got in a fist fight over the thermostat setting. That’s how far things had fallen from when the job was fun. And on top of the dissension, division and malaise, the commercial HVAC was terrible. I’m definitely sure that I wouldn’t have fought over the thermostat setting because it really didn’t matter. That commercial HVAC unit was so over that it couldn’t keep up. When you needed the heating, it was always freezing. I had to bring in a space heater to put under my desk. The summertime felt like I was working inside a sauna. You could hardly even tell that the air conditioning was on at all. I was really close to quitting. Then, a corporate came and totally cleaned house. The entire management team was fired and walked off the property. The new management is a big change in the right direction. For one, they are doing more listening than talking. That’s always a big sign that these are professionals. And apparently, the act on what here. It wasn’t two weeks before the place was crawling with HVAC technicians. Now we have awesome commercial HVAC with zone controlled HVAC as well. Just having quality heating and air has been a huge boost for morale. And I actually want to get out of the car and get to work in the mornings these days.

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