I needed to update the furnace air filter

I cannot suppose that I waited so long to update the air filter.

I had entirely needed to update the air filter for the past month plus it seems like no matter how taxing I had tried to get it done, it’s like I was never getting around to it, and finally I set a reminder for myself plus wrote the date on the calendar plus circled it to make sure that I would not forgive.

I keep my calendar on the back of my study room door plus so I always look at it to see what task I have planned out for that day. I was looking forward to doing all kinds of activities when I got up this afternoon. After that my buddy and I looked at my calendar plus I saw that I had the air filter to change. It was an additional thing that I had not planned on doing because I forgot about it but it was no large deal plus I was excited to change the air filter because I knew that it entirely needed it, but so I went plus I mini trip down to the local heating plus AC business plus picked up the air filter that I needed. I didn’t really have any air filters on hand at the home plus so I purchased one from the heating plus AC business. It wasn’t any kind of pricey air filter like a washable air filter or a HEPA filter, it was just your common disposable air filter. But it was enough for me it did the job of keeping my indoor air quality disinfect plus that’s what matters. I also changed it out that evening plus now hopefully I should have a good indoor air quality for at least a good few months.


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