Learning facts about HVAC systems available

When it simply comes to new information I’ve always enjoyed learning.

  • So when I started working as a heating plus a/c specialist, I had that same spark in me that wanted to gather as much information that I could about everything heating plus a/c related! Part of my true intense desire plus curiosity to learn came from my dad.

My dad was always the same way plus he entirely inspired me to always explore all my chances before doing anything. He also used to work as a heating plus a/c himself plus as soon as I saw him working on heating plus a/c units I knew that I wanted to work on them too. So he started showing me from a young age how to work on HVAC systems plus repair them. I wasn’t sure if this new passion of mine would stick at that time, but that’s exactly what happened. I found a new cherish for the heating plus AC profession. When I was a teenager I started learning all the heating plus cooling books I could get my hands on. I tried to do my best in high college so I could get into a good college plus learn the HVAC trade. I was successful in high school, and after I graduated I went into heat plus cooling college plus I only recently got my HVAC certification plus finally got my first job. My future looks bright plus I’m excited for what is on the horizon.